Healing our body, mind, and spirit is the essence of life coaching. It is a process of restoration requiring a multidisciplinary approach. Healing is also a personal journey of discovery, exploring ways to tune into your personal needs to find the answers specific to your personal struggles. A holistic healing approach takes healing to a new level of self-care. It involves taking a perspective of personal responsibility for your own well-being. It is processing the past, assessing the present, and choosing daily actions to impact your future.

Processing the past can be a difficult journey for many. The struggles of life, circumstances outside our control, and choices made often lead to deep wounds impacting the body, mind, and spirit. The journey to healing involves processing those experiences in a safe space to clarify the impact in the present. The mind holds onto emotions and manifests emotional trauma in a physical way. Discovery in the Spiritual realm provides the connection to that which is greater than ourselves. Many times, the Spiritual realm is overlooked. Belief systems are often engrained in childhood and change with maturity. Hope for the future and forgiveness for the past are important concepts providing structure to the healing journey.

Assessing the present involves discovering your personal why. Why is change necessary? Assessment involves taking time to explore all areas of self. Getting in touch with the body, mind, and spirit is a commitment to what you need now and trusting your inner voice to provide the answers. It requires time set aside to quiet the mind, listen to the heart, and trust your spirit as you discover what needs to change. Allowing yourself to let go of things that no longer serve you and choosing new paths based on current circumstances.

Honing self-assessment skills guides the healing journey as you learn to trust yourself to make day-to-day choices for personal accountability. Learning to find control in personal decision-making eases the burden of the unknown future. Trusting others takes a great deal of time and investment, trusting yourself unlocks the freedom to explore, make mistakes, and grow into the best version of you. You are worth the investment!

May Mental Health Awareness Month. If you or a loved one needs resources, please feel free to reach out! Back to Life Physical Therapy and Coaching Services is here to help. In addition, you can follow this link to government resources. https://www.cdc.gov/mentalhealth/tools-resources/index.htm

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