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Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is used in many areas of our lives. The most common areas include athletics, music/vocal coaches, and business coaches. Health coaching is a process of self-discovery that allows you to find barriers to success that have kept you from achieving your goals. It can be weight loss, lifting your grandchildren, embracing empty nesting, or anything that effects your mind, body, or spirit. Health coaching allows you the space to make positive change, engage in action steps, and experience the accountability to establish new habits to achieve YOUR GOALS. It only takes one step, are you ready to invest in yourself?

Coaching is specific to the clients needs. The sessions are primarily on Zoom and involve personal interaction to establish goals, with the framework to achieve the desired outcome. If your physical proximity allows for in person sessions to help meet your needs, that is also an option.

The ideal scenario is a deep dive session to establish connection and ensure the fit is right. Once coaching sessions begin, every other week for 6 months for a total of 12 sessions is recommended to allow for lifestyle changes to become ingrained habits. This process is fluid and can be customized to specific needs.

After your free consultation, a personalized package will be established to meet your specific needs.

Most insurance carriers will allow you to file for out of network benefits. You will need to contact your provider for filing instructions and the percentage of reimbursement allowed by your plan. For example, traditional Medicare does not allow for this type of coverage, but Medicare replacement plans are generally 60% of billed services. A superbill will be provided following each session along with your home program and visit notes.

Telehealth sessions are a great way to connect in your busy week to cover specific issues you are having with implementation of your home program, or to review posture and ergonomics in real time at your desk. It is the time for specific management and education to help you achieve your goals and maintain you busy schedule. Session generally last 30 minutes and are covered by insurance.

Absolutely! Coaching is a great transition from formal PT, whether you do therapy with me or transition from another therapist to pick up where therapy and your insurance left off. The beautiful thing about the coaching environment is the possibilities are endless.