Pain management in the medical model often involves collaboration between primary care practitioners, therapy, pain management specialists, and surgeons. What happens when you have tried all these areas and you are still having pain? My Pain Management Telehealth Series consists of six educational videos highlighting areas of health and body awareness often overlooked in the medical model. It will provide you with the tools to make the changes you desire for lasting pain management. They are pearls of wisdom gained through treating and educating thousands of chronic pain patients. I believe education, combined with desire for change, is the key to moving beyond your pain and getting Back to Life!

Pain Management Modules

Perfect Posture

The keys to improving posture awareness to decrease repetitive stress and pain

Body Mechanics

Not what but how; it’s all in the mechanics

Sleep Strategies

Physiology, pillows, positions and more

Motion for Lotion

Why our bodies crave movement and how movement strategies decrease pain

Nutrition for Pain Management

Breaking down the mysteries of inflammation as it related to food

Stress Management

Putting it all together to Control you pain and get Back to Life

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