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A few short months ago I quit my job with no plan, frustrated by striving to give my patients the best of me but limited by the clinical treatment model.  Something changed in me when the pandemic hit, and I volunteered for the ICU proning team in my hospital. I left the comfort of my outpatient setting to help turn patients to a prone position, assisting in oxygen uptake in the most critically ill. This was usually the last hope to change the outcome for the most critically ill patients on a ventilator. When I returned to the outpatient setting, I was trilled to be having a positive effect on my patients again, but something was still missing. As the frustration built, I made the difficult decision to walk away. Then one conversation changed everything.

I remember my 8th grade graduation announcing I wanted to be a physical therapist. While that changed many times over the years, that is exactly where I ended up. I have spent the past 25 years in outpatient physical therapy growing my skills and helping my patients recover from injury and surgery.

I developed a niche early on while treating spine patients. I loved the complexity of neck and back pain where the answers were not as easy to find, and appropriate treatment changed lives in big ways. I was blessed to experience a residency program many years ago when they were in their infancy. My toolbox grew as did my interest in chronic pain. I was the therapist who loved to take on the complex patient, and as a result I grew a following of patients with autoimmune disorders, Ehlers Danilo’s Syndrome, scoliosis, complex surgeries, and nerve entrapments. I added coursework in pelvic health which opened a whole new area to serve men and women with pelvic pain.

My life has been defined by being a servant leader. I volunteer at church, my husband and I raised two amazing boys, I was a soccer mom, a swim mom, and a theatre mom. I managed clinics, grew my skills, and gave until there was nothing left to give. It only takes one step to find your path to fulfillment.

By moving to a mobile/telehealth model of treating patients, I can give them the specialized one on one care they deserve, combined with expanded education and pain management modules to bring them to a deeper understanding of how to overcome the challenges of their diagnosis. Chronic pain requires more than a cookbook approach and I am thrilled be able to empower my patients to go beyond their circumstances and regain control of their lives.

Coaching allows me to dive even deeper into a holistic approach to problem solving. The power of positive lifestyle change, commitment to a desired goal, and the accountability I provide my clients has been the missing piece I was looking for since those dark days in the ICU. The joy of discovery and overcoming the pain of loss and expectations when life throws you a curve ball are all driving forces of positive change. Coaching allows me to use my knowledge and skills as a pain management specialist in an entirely new way. I am so excited to explore the various applications of coaching as I continue to expand my business.

I took a huge leap of faith when quitting my job. The outcome has been more than I could have hoped for or imagined. It only takes one step to start your journey, are you ready to get back to life?

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